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BlueMind vs Other Financial CRMs

Unhappy with your complex, challenging, or clunky CRM? Are they hindering your progress? BlueMind comes out as the modern and fresh CRM designed for financial advisors.

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BlueMind - Digital Assistant

Why Financial Advisors Need BlueMind

  • Simple Setup & Onboarding
  • Low Switching Cost
  • Email & Calendar Integration
  • Better Collaboration 

  • No Training Required
  • Friendly, Responsive Support
  • Designed for Advisors
  • Powerful & Comparable Feature
  • Intuitive and Time-Saving

9 Reasons Why BlueMind is the better than other  Financial CRMs for Advisors

Here are the 9 most common and comparable reasons where BlueMind is better than all other Financial CRMs available in market


Simple and Easy


1. Simple Onboarding

Transitioning to BlueMind is effortless. Advisors can swiftly begin using it by simply signing up. The process is made easy and fast with complimentary data migration and the assistance of a dedicated onboarding representative.

2. Easy-to-use Interface

BlueMind features a modern, intuitive, and efficient interface that significantly enhances the advisor's user experience. With its sign-up-and-go simplicity.

3. Low Switching Cost

BlueMind provides complimentary and secure data migration services, ensuring a swift and hassle-free transfer of data from your previous CRM. New clients find the process quick and seamless.

Strong and Powerful


4. Powerful Features & Integrations

BlueMind is a comprehensive CRM tailored for financial advisors, offers advanced features such as contacts, tasks, workflows, calendar, and reports, providing everything needed for business growth. 

5. Efficient & Collaborative

BlueMind enhances collaboration through a centralized dashboard. Advisors can easily create new contacts, tasks, and workflow assignments. With client portal feature, you can share everything with clients easily. 

6. Email & Calendar Sync

BlueMind seamlessly integrates with email and calendar, providing a two-way sync that consolidates both Gmail and Outlook. This allows you to efficiently manage your calendar without leaving the platform. 

Compliance Overview

Friendly and Supportive


7. Amazing Support

We are here, whenever you need us. We provide support via phone, screen-sharing, or email. BlueMind is also coming up with a knowledge base, video tutorials, and daily webinars for comprehensive answers to your questions.

8. Intuitive & Time-saving

The BlueMind team's expertise in CRM software design is evident in our product's efficiency. You can achieve more tasks with few clicks. This streamlined process, along with other user-friendly features, saves advisors valuable time, especially when entering numerous notes throughout the year.

9. No Training Needed

Most of the CRMs are too complex that they require extended time for onboarding as well as specialized training and certifications before using them. In contrast, BlueMind offers straightforward sign-up, onboard with a specialist and start using, without a need for any training.

See How BlueMind Compares with other Leading Financial CRMs

All-in-One Platform
Simplified & Easy to Use
Built-In Compliance
No Need of Administrator/Outside Consultant
Client Facing Tools
Cost Effective

Key:               - Available                  - Not Available                C - Available through Customization

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