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Who We Are

The Mind Behind BlueMind

Ahilan (Akil) Balachandran created BlueMind after years as a financial advisor at a global insurance company. He transitioned from being a medical student, to become a financial planner, author, coach, and eventually, a serial entrepreneur. BlueMind is the product of his experience.

“For years,” says Akil, “I watched advisors operating without adequate tools, without a platform to help them perform their best. The other glaring issues were transparency and compliance. There was no centralized way to streamline, communicate, and protect.

Our industry is lagging. The few technology tools on the market are expensive and not user-friendly. Most are not designed with a focus on the advisor’s efficiency and the client’s experience.

“In short, I saw a chance to revolutionize the way financial and insurance advisors work.”

Akil speaking about BlueMind at Conference in Los Angeles, CA

In 2018, Akil created the first-of-its-kind mobile app for financial advisors and their clients. A year later, he built a cloud-based platform (LifePlanAI). Then he put it all together with BlueMind, an elegantly simple yet powerful digital platform for solo practitioners. BlueMind equips advisors to expand their business while dramatically improving the client experience confidently.

Authorities quickly recognized its potential. In 2022, BlueMind was awarded the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s 5-Star Insurance Technology Provider Award.

Akil has surrounded BlueMind with a talented tech team and solid financing. Development has been funded privately and through a series of research and technology grants. Ongoing development is assured through committed long-term private investment.

And the dolphin logo? Dolphins are animals of uncommon intelligence with an uncanny ability to communicate. They are a symbol of relational skill, blue-ocean thinking, and peace of mind. “All qualities I hope BlueMind helps to fortify in our growing user base,” says Akil.

"This is not just another app. It’s a whole new way of working and driving growth in an insurance and financial advisory business — at a low price affordable for all."

Our Values

BlueMind - Made for You

We Inspire and Innovate

Innovation is the heart of our company. We bring inspiration to create a positive impact on the industry. 
BlueMind - Contact Us

We Love Simplicity

Simplicity is our core. You can see simplicity in our codes, language, message, communication and interface. 
BlueMind - Compliance Assurance

We Are Transparent

Transparency builds trust and is the key to a long term relationship. Our system is transparent & clear.
BlueMind - Digital Assistant

We Are Data-Driven

Every action we take is data-driven. Every process and every change is based on data analysis at BlueMind.

Awards and Mentions

We are lucky enough to get some respectable support, mentions, awards and nominations from the industry’s leading organizations.

Meet The Team


Ahilan (Akil) Balachandaran,
Founder & CEO


Meena Visvalingam,
Co-Founder & UX/UI Designer

Chris BlueMind CTO

Chris Ellefson,

peter duff

Peter Duff,
B.Sc. Eng, MIS
Strategic Advisor


Marc Fuentes,
B.Com, MBA
Fractional CMO


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