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BlueMind is a feature-rich application providing all the information, analysis, and tools you require to manage and grow your business.

Top Level Compliance

BlueMind’s built-in data and security protocols manage the compliance requirements of your business. Cutting edge AI automates the compliance process, letting advisors focus on their client relationships. Designed with simplicity in mind, this tool eliminates complexity and manages risk for both the advisors and the clients.

Crystal Clear Transparency

In any solid relationship trust is the key.  With BlueMind’s interactive client portal you will be able to share your CASL and CLHIA requirements such as ‘advisor disclosure,’ ‘copy of needs analysis’, ‘reason why letter,’ and notes, in real-time to your clients.  This type of transparency and client interaction will enhance the level of trust.

Enhanced Security

Privacy and security are very important compliance issues in the industry today.  BlueMind’s end-to-end encryption is managed at the back end to provide you and your clients with safety and security. Data is fully secured through Google’s Cloud Platform & Central Key Management Service.

Revenue Optimization

Operate your advisor practice like a professional business.  With BlueMind’s real-time tools you will be able to track, monitor, analyze, and identify opportunities to generate more revenue for your business.

Simple and Fast

BlueMind’s clean design and simplified framework eliminates the traditional CRM complications and unnecessary templets so that you focus on your real business rather than hassling around complex tools.

Centralized Dashboard

Dashboards are a great visual that summarizes everything at a glance.  BlueMind’s powerful dashboard provides a clear snapshot of your business so you can apply the data for building future goals. Everything from data analysis to communication is visible in one place, to manage your client and your business.

Efficient Recommendation

BlueMind’s innovation team is continually working on AI enhancements to help you grow.  Our unique technology helps advisors work and grow like a PRO with all the easy to use features at their fingertips.

Client Management

With the BlueMind’s automated tools, you can easily manage and track your client’s needs.  By customizing your customer requirements your communication will be more targeted, effective and efficient.

An Automated Compliance CRM For Financial Advisors


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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors


A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors

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