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We've considered every part of your working day when we designed BlueMind.


Simplifies and Expedites the Insurance Sales Process

Bluemind reduces the workload of insurance and financial advisors to sell insurance to their customers through automated reminders, follow-ups and correspondence. Close more business in a shorter period of time with less effort.

BlueMind - Dashboard, Contacts, Tasks



Automated Correspondence

Automated Correspondence allows you to increase your efficiency and speed because you can send out personalized and targeted communications in large volumes. Automated Correspondence also helps you reduce the risk of error and ensures that your communications are consistent and represent your brand.


Email Integration

Integrated Email increases your efficiency by allowing you to send emails directly from BlueMind so you don’t have to switch applications. And don’t worry, it automatically syncs with either GMail so that you can see all of your emails to your client on one screen.

BlueMind - Relationship Expansion


Automated Greeting Cards

Automated Greeting Cards allow advisors to maintain positive relationships with their customers and increase engagement on their birthdays and anniversaries. BlueMind automatically generates and sends greetings cards to clients and other individuals. Also, advisors can make their own templates or cards.


BlueMind - Better Decision Making

Contact Management

Contact management refers to the process of organizing and maintaining all of your contacts in a centralized place. This typically involves collecting and storing contact information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Contact management is essential for building and maintaining customer relationships and staying organized and efficient in communication and outreach efforts. With BlueMind, easily upload one by one or hundreds of them at the same time, update and follow up with a couple of clicks. Never lose the data and opportunity.



Don’t lose out on business opportunities converting a lead to a client, by getting reminders for follow-ups and having a system to help you gather and remember the important information and touchpoints. The notes you wrote for when they were a lead will be carried forward in their client profile, so that you will be audit-ready!

BlueMind - Compliance Assurance


Calendar Integration

Calendar integration with GMail or Microsoft Outlook allows you to stay organized and manage your time more efficiently by streamlining the process of scheduling appointments, meetings, and other important events. This integration allows you to view all your calendar events on one screen and even lets you see your appointments for each client in the same place. No more switching between applications to manage your day or your business.


Compliance Checklist

Compliance Checklist is a list of actions, policies, procedures, and regulations that helps you comply with operating legally and ethically. BlueMind’s Compliance Checklist is a helpful tool for ensuring that all necessary regulations are followed so that you maintain compliance and that the advisor operates lawfully and ethically.

BlueMind - Digital Assistant


BlueMind - Instant Productivity

Enhanced Security

All documents shared through BlueMind are encrypted and sent via the cloud. BlueMind data for Canadian customers is stored on AWS in Canada. For U.S. advisors, data is stored in the U.S. on AWS in the US.



The most important section for advisors is the BlueMind Task module, this area captures all the automatically generated and manually inputted tasks and notifications that are important for building relationships with clients and getting business opportunities. Once you have started on a task, input the notes in the call log associate with the task for compliance purpose.



Task Reminders

BlueMind’s Task Reminders allow you to set up tasks with reminders so that your activities and deadlines are met - every time. Integrate your Google or Outlook calendar to get reminders from your calendar app as well.


BlueMind - FNA, Cash Flow, Notes

Document Storing and Sharing

Bluemind can store all of your documents related to each client digitally so that you can find all of your client’s communications in a single location. You can organize documents into folders and easily find documents through an easy to use search function. Rest at night knowing that your documents are safe, secure and accessible from anywhere.


Virtual Folders 

Virtual Folders save time and make it easier for insurance and financial advisors to organize and find your client’s digital files without manually searching through different folders. Also known as intelligent folders or saved searches, organize your digital files without moving them to various physical folders.

BlueMind - Contact Us


BlueMind - FNA, Cash Flow, Notes


Dictate your Client Notes and BlueMind will take care of the rest. We will store the recording for you and also transcribe it into text automatically. So that you can easily search, find and read notes without typing a word.


Client Portal - Coming Soon

Client Portal is a web-based platform that provides clients with secure and centralized access to their account information, services, and resources offered by an insurance or financial advisor. It allows clients to manage their accounts, track their transactions, view their history and communicate with their advisor in a personalized and convenient way.



Data Import

You can upload any number of your contacts’ information and clients policy information via excel or CSV template with a few clicks.



BlueMind - Compliance Assurance

Goal Monitoring

Set goals for your business and measure progress against those goals to evaluate how you are performing. Track activities, revenue, leads, sales meetings or create your own. Build your business to its full potential!


Client Reporting

Reporting allows you to review and analyze data to give you additional perspectives and insights. Reports can easily be shared to others as needed.

BlueMind - Digital Assistant



CE Credit Storage

Be ready for your license renewal by storing your CE credits in BlueMind. Never have to lose certificates or scramble to get all of your certificates in order before renewals again.


License and Contracting Storage

Have all your recently updated documentation and agent codes in one place, so that you are not going through lengthy processes to find correct information. With all the new and updates procedures and contracts, we know it can be hard to keep up, and we want to ensure you are able to find your information with ease.

BlueMind - Made for You


User Privilege & Access Control

Manage BlueMind services for internal users. Using the provisioning controls in the Super Admin's members view, you may quickly add, control access, and delete people.

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