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Automate your Business Process

  • Transform your business from manual to digital
  • Cut cost, save time and increase revenue
  • Stay on top of your business operations and compliance

Differentiate your Agency; The Only Compliance Companion Tool & All-In-One CRM

Advance Analytics

BlueMind provides advanced analytics to manage your team’s activities as well as monitor business progress.

Predict Success & Avoid Risks

With BlueMind, you can manage to avoid compliance risks and predict revenue generation.

Cut Costs & Increase Revenue

BlueMind digitalizes your process and can easily cut your costs and increase revenue.


Mitigate Your Compliance and Business Risks

Artificial Intelligence

BlueMind’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence exposes compliance blind spots and acts as digital assistant to your compliance team.

Mitigate Risks

Minimize your compliance and business risks such as chargebacks, fraud cases and ever increasing regulatory requirements.

Compliance Supervision

Be a leader by increasing compliance supervision requirements. Together we can help your advisors to adopt BlueMind compliance companion tool.


Stay Ahead of the Industry with Advanced Technology

Easy to Use Platform

Easily navigate a simplified, centralized platform that monitors and predicts advisor performance, compliant processes and business analytics.

Automated Compliance

BlueMind’s AI technology create predictable, positive compliance results to keep you safe from financial and reputation risks.

Protect Your Advisors

Proactively protect your advisors and business at the time of audits by having all the notes, documentations etc. in place.

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