A CRM for Insurance

BlueMind is an Award-Winning Insurance CRM software, specifically designed to optimize your insurance business.

It streamlines and automates your entire business process. BlueMind provides you with the essential compliance and insurance tools.

Canadian SME Business Award 2021 BlueMind
Insurance Canada Technology Award 2021 Finalist BlueMind
IBC 5 Star Award

Why a CRM for Insurance Advisors & Agencies?

BlueMind is an insurance CRM  Software that automates all aspects of business and helps in building lasting relationships with clients in order to increase client retention.

Helps to Reduce Administrative Workload

Takes Care of & Improves Compliance

Documents, Notes & eSign Management

Advanced Business Analytics & Reporting

How BlueMind Benefits You!

The insurance industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Policyholders are becoming more knowledgeable with higher expectations; with this changing attitude BlueMind is the solution. BlueMind is the only life insurance compliance tool with CRM features, specifically developed for the life insurance industry.

An insurance advisor needs a tool that understands their business and is capable of handling every task that leads to business to success. BlueMind helps insurance advisors through the various features and integrations such as; compliance & financial tools, lead and client management, product recommendations, reporting and analytics.

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Streamline your Leads & Client Management

Keeping track of every client or prospect when information is
dispersed can be a challenge. BlueMind eliminates this hassle and give you full control to manage & monitor each stage of the sales funnel and track your business performance.

Exclusive Insurance Tools to Increase Efficiency

Unlike other CRMs, BlueMind has exclusive insurance specific tools that help life insurance advisors to get invaluable insights into their clients needs.

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BlueMind compliance tool

Become Fully Compliant and Avoid Audit Anxiety

BlueMind makes sure that you comply with regulatory requirements and reduces audit anxiety.

How BlueMind Enabled a MGA/Brokerage Become a Fastest Growing Insurance Firm

BlueMind helped a Toronto-based insurance brokerage (MGA) become one of the fastest growing company in 2021 according to Insurance Business Canada. Utilizing the power of BlueMind, they were able to reduce administrative time, managed their leads more effectively and optimized their compliance practice. They were able to maintain 100% retention of their advisors because of BlueMind’s easy-to-use tools. It’s AI technology helped with effortless and quicker digital adaptation.

Advisor Testimonials

See what Insurance Advisors say about BlueMind after achieving high growth.

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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors

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