A CRM for Financial Advisors

An AI-Powered CRM for Financial Advisors, with All-in-One built-in tools for compliance, transparency & client relationships.

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Automated Compliance

Simple, Easy & Fast

Grow your Clients

Customized for You

Automated Compliance

Simple, Easy & Fast

Grow your Clients

Customized for You

CRM For Financial Advisors A Smart Digital Office

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), BlueMind is an innovative digital platform that can revolutionize the way you currently do business.

Whether you are a financial advisor, a MGA, an AGA, or an insurance company, BlueMind’s state of the art AI technology will give you complete control of your business operations and empower you to make smarter decisions for the benefit of your clients.

Take Control of Your Business

BlueMind’s flexible and easy-to-use platform empowers you to take control of your business.
It will help you protect and grow your business from your home or office.

Insurance Advisors

Gain your client’s trust with BlueMind’s automated compliance, analysis and recommendations. Spend less time with more accuracy.

Insurance Brokerages

Take control of your business with BlueMind’s advanced AI features. Minimize manual tasks to save time. Build relationships & grow your business.

Insurance Companies

BlueMind helps oversee and protect your agents. Identify opportunities & risks, automate compliance and manage prospects to increase revenue.

Leverage the Benefits of BlueMind

With all your tools on a centralized dashboard, BlueMind provides you with a competitive advantage to
take control of your business operations.

compliance in crm for financial advisors

Top Level Compliance

BlueMind has built-in protocols that automate internationally-accepted compliance requirements, thereby minimizing potential risks for both you and your clients and ensuring that your practice is always on-side with regulatory requirements

Greater Efficiency

BlueMind’s user-friendly design and simple framework eliminates the complexities of a traditional CRM software. There is no need for multiple tools and cumbersome administrative tasks, thus enhancing your efficiency and freeing up your time to focus on building your business.


Revenue Optimization

BlueMind identifies opportunities to generate more revenue for your business. Using its centralized dashboard you can easily manage, track and analyze your existing and prospective clients and make recommendations for revenue-generating solutions.

Advisor Testimonials

See what some Financial Advisors say about BlueMind after personally experiencing it.

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An Automated Compliance CRM For Financial Advisors


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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors


A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors

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