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BlueMind is a Compliance Companion Tool.

It’s far more than a traditional CRM, a one-stop shop that gives you;

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BlueMind can help you in many ways:

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The Only Compliance Companion Tool

BlueMind has built-in protocols that automate internationally accepted compliance requirements. BlueMind minimizes potential risks for both you and your clients and ensures that your business meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements.

Compliance Checklist

Easy-to-follow compliance checklist to fulfill your compliance requirements. It minimizes internal & external compliance pressures.

Guaranteed Predictable Compliance Results

Built-in automation and reminders reduce your anxiety and stress. Less time with compliance and paperwork means more time for real life.

Automation & Platform Integrations Made Easy

Are you frustrated using multiple platforms and tools?
BlueMind integrates complex and multiple platforms to manage your workload smoothly. An automated process saves you time, money and repetitive manual tasks.

Email & Calendar

Integrate your email and calendars in BlueMind streamlining your time and task management.

Notes & Datafeeds

Transfer all client’s data easily through our secured portal functionality. Security & Privacy is of the upmost importance for you and BlueMind.

Generate Increased and Predictable Revenue

BlueMind identifies more opportunities to generate more revenue. Using its centralized Dashboard you can easily manage, track and analyze your existing and prospective clients. BlueMind AI makes recommendations for increased revenue-generating solutions.

Superior Lead Management

Don’t ever miss another opportunity. Get complete visibility for each of your leads, prospects and clients.

Cost Effective One-Stop Platform

All-in-one platform that’s easy to use. It dramatically cuts your administrative expenses thus increasing your revenue.

Crystal Clear Transparency

With BlueMind’s interactive client portal you will be able to share your regulatory requirements, notes and more in real-time to your clients without a need of any external tools or platforms.

Client Portal

Give your clients transparency and a history of communication. Your transparency and increased credibility make it easier to build better relationships.

Stronger Trust, Better Relationships

Going beyond the regulatory requirements sets you apart from your competitors. Your trust with clients becomes stronger.

BlueMind for Enterprise

Do you own/manage an Insurance Company or Brokerage?
Are you ready for increased regulatory changes?
Have your administrative demands increased while revenue decreased?
Will it benefit your advisor if they get some time back to put on business?

Utilize BlueMind’s modern simplified tools and new technology solutions to;

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IBC 5 Star Award
Insurance Canada Technology Award 2021 Finalist BlueMind
Canadian SME Business Award 2021 BlueMind

Insurance Technology 5-Star Award

BlueMind has won the Insurance Business Canada 5-Star Award 2021 in Insurance Technology category. 

BlueMind was a Finalist in People’s Choice Insurance-Canada Technology Award (PICTA 2021) and a current Nominee for FinTech Business Award by Canadian SME National Business.


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We've heard things like

Having one tool that tracks, documents and keeps my business compliant has not only been a time saver but has taken my business to the next level. The client portal feature is so convenient to share and maintain documents.

Shakisha Para
Senior Financial Consultant

We've heard things like

BlueMind App helps Financial Consultants to offer correct financial solutions to clients needs. It also helps in following industry compliance regulations efficiently. Good addition of AI powered Tool for financial advisors.

Sudhir Dyapa
Financial Advisor

We've heard things like

I was looking for a tool to help me to be compliant, and I found it! Among other things, I really like the BlueMind features that remind me to take the extra measures I need to.

Mike Thomas
Senior Financial Advisor

We've heard things like

BlueMind keeps me organized, allows me to track clients' interactions on day-to-day basis. It is more accessible and advisor-friendly, easy to navigate the client's record. This tool helps me a lot In terms of growing my business.

Liza Vistal
Financial Consultant
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Most Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

An AI-Powered Financial CRM and business analytics platform, BlueMind is an innovative digital platform that can revolutionize the way you currently do business. Whether you are a financial advisor, a MGA, an AGA, or an insurance company, BlueMind’s state of the art AI technology gives you complete control of your business operations, empowering you to make smarter decisions for the benefit of your clients.

BlueMind was developed by a team of Certified Financial Planners who built the platform to address the problems they experienced in the industry. More than just a CRM, BlueMind provides all of the essential tools that you need, such as built-in compliance, needs analysis, document signature and business analytics, in one package.

With general CRMs, necessary tools cost extra or aren’t available on the platform, forcing you to purchase the tools separately. This costs money, time and can create additional difficulties and manual workarounds.

BlueMind differentiates itself from other CRMs in several ways. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to provide accurate, efficient recommendations for your clients. Compliance reporting and documentation is automated, eliminating the need for manual processes. BlueMind also offers an analytics platform, enabling you to see how your business is performing. Essentially a smart digital office, BlueMind has all the tools you need to run your business on a centralized dashboard. Plus, it’s affordable.

Yes. You can easily import data from any other CRM to BlueMind.

BlueMind runs on Google Cloud platform which is fast, reliable and has multi-tiered security. Data stored in BlueMindis protected by several layers of encryption, ensuring the protection and privacy of your client’s data. 

Note: To ensure industry compliance, data is stored within Google’s Canadian data centers.

If you are not satisfied with BlueMind, you can cancel the subscription at anytime without any penalties or charges.

An Automated Compliance CRM For Financial Advisors


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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors


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