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Why Automate a Reason Why Letter?

Reason why letter is a mandatory requirement and can cause serious compliance concerns.

Around 42% of insurance advisors fail to comply in annual audits and main reason is the Reason Why Letter.

Automating it will not only save from audit failures but also will give impression to clients.

It will save advisor’s valuable time & efforts as compared to creating it manually.

Benefits of Reason Why Letter

Business Continuity

If the advisor is unable to continue servicing the client another advisor could easily pick up where the other left off without a negative impact on the client experience.


Complaints happen. Document your recommendations and be transparent. Have a communication history to show the client when it happens.


In case of a financial loss, you can feel secure that you would have identified and documented that unaddressed exposure.


Regulatory compliance increases the need to document and audits have become more difficult. Automating it will help you become compliant.


Be a leader in the industry. Stay ahead of the curve and conduct your business in a professional and transparent manner.

Stress Test

Document your sound advice for your client’s particular situation. They have unique needs and you have unique solutions.

Data Privacy & Security


All your data is encrypted and private. We can neither access nor use your or your client's information.


The end-to-end encryption provides full security to your data and are safely hosted in Canada.

Features in a Reason Why Letter


Identify the carrier, the product sold and type of insurance it represents

Client Summary

A plain language summary of the client circumstances that led to the recommendation

Needs Description

A plain language description of the needs addressed by the recommendation

Follow Up Plan

If the recommendation does not address certain needs , a follow up plan to address in the future

Fee Structure

A plain language explanation on any fee structures chosen (where there was choice)

Client Feedback

Opportunity for the client to ask any questions if any information is unclear or incorrect.

The Upgraded Premium Version
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Here are some advance features to be added in Reason Why Letter Tool

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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors

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