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Compliance and Automation – An Ideal Unison

With the world economy facing turmoil after the coronavirus pandemic, every career was impacted including that of financial advisors. Once the situation was accepted, financial advisors were forced to find ways to connect with their clients remotely. Over time this had become the new norm and led to further accepting technology-enabled solutions to the situation.  […]

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Why Traditional CRM May Not Be Helping You Grow Your Business?

In 2017, the CIO magazine reported that almost one-third of all traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) projects are unsuccessful. It is essential that when considering adopting a customer relationship management software for your business as a financial advisor, you understand the reasons that may be the cause of such unsatisfactory results and which type of […]

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Reducing Compliance Risk with Technology

Compliance is a critical function for MGAs, AGAs and insurance advisors. However, maintaining compliance can be cumbersome and time consuming in an environment of increasing regulatory scrutiny. This is turn reduces the efficiency of your operation and leaves you with less time to focus on building your business. You can also experience lower profitability from […]

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Five Reasons why You should be using Videos

Videos are efficient marketing tool. They are effective, memorable and shareable​ Video is a powerful educational tool that should be an integral component of your marketing mix. Clients are more likely to watch a short video than they are to read a long block of text. Effectively, a lot of denser content can be simplified […]

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Tips for Working Remotely as an Advisor

Practical Tips for Remote Working Working remotely has become the new normal for advisors. While some  advisors are already accustomed to working remotely, others are not as comfortable. The truth is, as human beings we are all different. Some advisors prefer to be around people and have face-to-face client meetings, while others can more easily […]

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Top Tech Tools Every Financial Advisor Must Have!

Top Tech Tools Financial Advisors Ought to Have in Their Arsenal As a financial advisor, you usually have your hands full with many things. For instance, you are always in search for lucrative investment opportunities for your clients. You formulate the best retirement plans, so your client can enjoy a fulfilling retired life. You also […]

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What is a Financial CRM?

What is a Financial CRM? CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software tool that is used to manage the customer database through improving existing relationship, prospecting for new customers, and winning back past customers through utilizing multiple features of the CRM system. Similarly, a financial CRM is a kind of CRM that is used […]

A SMART Digital Office
CRM For Financial Advisors



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