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New Year’s Resolution Tips for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors, like most people, like to make last-minute New Year’s resolution. That’s because the New Year is seen as a chance to start fresh with strategies that will spur growth in their practice. But New Year’s resolutions are often infamous for being broken. Before the end of the first quarter, many resolutions fizzle and...

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7 Productive Cold Calling Tips for Financial Advisors

You might have been in the financial advisory business for a while, but you still fall short of finding prospects. Perhaps you are reaching out to the wrong target audience, or you are most likely not reaching out to them in an impactful manner. That’s why we bring 7 productive cold calling tips for you...

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7 Common Mistakes Financial Advisors Make

Financial advisors often make common mistakes that can lead to client dissatisfaction and/or loss of business. These mistakes are due largely to a lack of adequate processes; advisors’ failure to operate their practices like a business; and, in some cases, negligence or oversight. The bottom line is that advisors need to understand that they are...

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Why is the KYC important for Financial Advisors?

The Know Your Client (KYC) questionnaire is one of the primary tools used by advisors to determine the suitability of investments made on behalf clients, based on their unique investment objectives and risk profile. It is a regulatory requirement which must be completed by all new clients and updated whenever their personal circumstances.   From the...

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How to Make Memorable Presentations

Engage your audience and deliver your message with confidence. Making effective presentations to clients and prospects can be an excellent way to demonstrate your credibility as a financial advisor and build your business. To be effective, the content of your presentation must be interesting and relevant to your target audience and must be memorable. Here...

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Top Productivity Hacks for Financial Advisors

The main goal of a financial advisor is to provide sound advice to their clients, implement, and monitor their progress throughout their lives. With so many new and complex products and regulations entering the market it is challenging to keep up to date on all the information and administrative requirements. Add to that the fact that...

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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors

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