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How to Follow-up On Your Leads Without Sounding Desperate

Did you know that one of the top three reasons financial advisors fail is due to not following up on potential new clients? Having an efficacious follow-up strategy for financial advisors is necessary as it can transform your leads into prospects and eventually into satisfied clients. However, it is essential that the strategy you choose to […]

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Six Ways to Build Client Trust by being Transparent

With advisors increasingly being held to higher standards, it is imperative for them to be transparent in order to build trust with their clients. In fact, regulators in the financial services industry continue to stress the importance of greater transparency in planning relationships. It is therefore imperative that advisors always strive to be fully transparent […]

Six tips for engaging clients on their terms
Six Tips for Engaging Clients on their Terms

Client Engagement Series #3 It might seem logical that the more contact you have with your clients, the happier they will be with you. But too-frequent contact can be overwhelming, especially if it is not meaningful or relevant. The quality of anything you send to your clients is far more important than quantity. The old […]

Six ways to keep clients engaged
Six Ways to keep Clients Engaged

Client Engagement Series #2 Building deeper relationships and engaging your clients requires a sustained effort, rather than providing one-off experiences. You must consistently strive to deepen client relationships in a way that is similar to the way friendships are built. Deeper relationships lead to increased client loyalty. And deep relationships can be likened to the […]

Six Tips to Boost Your Client Engagement Experience

Client Engagement Series #1 Engaging prospective clients requires earning their trust and respect in order to win their business. You must recognize that different clients are concerned about different things. This means developing a deep understanding of their objectives and expectations as well as getting clients to appreciate how you can help them accomplish their […]

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