AI benefits to insurance industry

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is undergoing dramatic changes as it embraces the use of artificial intelligence (AI).  We are now very close when AI-enhanced digital processes replace the mostly inefficient and costly paper-based and manual processes that characterize the industry. Recognizing the growing importance of AI, insurance companies are seeking to augment their technological capabilities with...

aritifical intelligent helping humans

Is Artificial Intelligence really helping us?

Is AI really helpful? Technology has evolved a lot in the past few decades. A century ago, millions – or probably billions – didn’t even have basic electrical utilities in their homes. Around 60 years ago, computers were considered as machines that could only be kept and used by governments. The concept of personal computers...

How AI is Aiding the Financial Industry?

How AI is Aiding the Financial Industry? Have you ever wondered why the British currency was named Pound? The answer is simple. Britishers are among the first people to use paper currency instead of gold or silver coins.  The story goes that the first banks used to store gold, rather than actual money. Whenever a...

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A Compliance Companion Tool For Financial Advisors

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